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Andrea Vadrucci (Vadrum)

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Live Performances new

- 06/03/24 to 09/08/24 - Live @ "Disney Wish" - USA, The Bahamas, Castaway Cay click
All the Performances... click

Disney Wish!

Posted date: November 30, 2023

If you can dream it, you can do it.
And here I am, joining the company created by the visionary legend who made this motto a reality and a true lifestyle, Mr. Walt Disney!
A huge honor and a dream come true to finally be part of the Disney family. Moreover precisely in conjunction with the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the company (and 25 years of the cruise line division!), which makes the whole experience even more special to me.
You can find me on the "Disney Wish" for the next few months playing the drums on several magical production shows, rocking hard and bringing you a smile every night on the latest and greatest Disney Cruise Line ship, sailing and partying from Orlando, Florida to the Bahamas, including a must stop at the wondrous Disney's own island, Castaway Cay!
Hoping to meet someone of you on board, I think it is appropriate to end saying that…if you can DRUM it, you can DO it! Let's gooo ;-P click

Rolling Stone Lounge

Posted date: March 14, 2023

And after a last-minute call, a couple of days of rehearsals at the RWS Studios in New York and over 200 songs memorized in record time (SIGH!), I'm happy to announce my new adventure: we're off on a world tour aboard the Holland America Zuiderdam!
For the next few months I will therefore be busy playing with a fantastic 7-piece band in the Rolling Stone Lounge, one of the most interesting, varied and appreciated musical realities of the seven seas. For more info, I leave you the Holland America Line official website...and perhaps, I'll see you around! :-P click

Live with Carly Paoli

Posted date: September 26, 2022

On Wednesday, September 28th I will have the honor and the pleasure of accompanying the fantastic Carly Paoli, the Italian-English opera star, returning from the triumphant performance at San Siro for last Friday's Italy-England football match.
With us on stage, accordionist Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi and the Kyiv Virtuosi Group, conducted by Maestro Gianluca Marcianò.
The appointment is in Poggiardo (Le), Italy in Piazza Giovanni Paolo II at 8:30 PM, with strictly free admission. See you soon! click

Celebrity Beyond!

Posted date: April 11, 2022

And after the fantastic adventure aboard Celebrity Apex, I'm delighted to officially announce my entry into the inaugural team of Celebrity Beyond, the latest creation from Celebrity Cruises!
Celebrity Beyond is the third ship in the groundbreaking and award-winning Edge Series and will be captained by Kate McCue, America’s first female cruise ship captain.
With the Beyond Orchestra, I'll be engaged in a whole host of new and exciting shows, with an exceptional cast and in various "locations" that go far beyond the ordinary, including a state-of-the-art theatre which features a 110-foot curved 4K LED screen with moving panels and floor projection technology, for a truly immersive visual experience.
The debut is scheduled for April 27 in Southampton, United Kingdom and the first European itineraries will include France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Malta.
For all the info, I refer you to the Celebrity Beyond official website...and see you on board again! ;-D click

Celebrity Apex

Posted date: May 24, 2021

New adventure incoming! After over a year of waiting, I'm happy to announce my official entry into the inaugural team of the brand new Celebrity Apex, the spearhead of American cruise ships Celebrity Cruises.
Among the various shows that will see me involved with the Apex Orchestra in the coming months around the Mediterranean, "Rockumentary", an epic interactive celebration of the history of rock, "Crystallize", an explosion of music, choreography and aerial acrobatics for a multi-sensory experience on a state-of-the-art stage, and the more traditional - but no less cool - "21st Century Big Band" and "Jazz at the Club".
The debut is set for June 19 in Athens, Greece and the ship will make stops in various Greek Islands (Mykonos, Rhodes, Crete and Santorini), Cyprus (Limassol) and Israel (Jerusalem and Tel Aviv) for the rest of the summer.
For all the info click here ...and see you on board! ;-D click

New Photos

Posted date: February 5, 2021

MEGA UPLOAD on AndreaVadrucci.com! In the Gallery section you will find over 100 new photos of the last 5 years: from the adventures with Cirque du Soleil, to solo concerts, gigs, travels and everyday life. Who knows, maybe you'll find yourself in one of them...have fun! :-D click

Vadrum News + Happy Holidays

Posted date: December 23, 2020

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! It's been a while, I hope you're fine after all. Sorry for my absence, I've been in the US most of the time working on a new production/gig that, after several postponements, will hopefully see the light in the first part of 2021, covid permitting. Before leaving for the States, I recorded drums for various artists including Marcozero from Brazil, KillDevil Theory band from America and a new DT cover collab with different musicians...hopefully online soon!
Right now I'm finally back in my studio, ready and eager to create something new for you. Stay tuned...and stay strong! Better days are definitely coming soon ;-) click

200K Thank You!

Posted date: July 27, 2020

Aaand we're now 200,000 on YouTube! A huge and heartfelt THANK YOU - to each and every one of you - for the support through the years...the best is yet to come! :-D www.youtube.com/vadrum click

Live @ JOIN

Posted date: June 22, 2020

Guys! Monday, June 29 at 4:00 PM (CEST) I'll open with a double live performance the second edition of JOIN, the first Italian virtual event dedicated to videogames fans. The event, sponsored by Intel, will be held at AltspaceVR, a completely free virtual world that can be downloaded from Steam or Microsoft Store. Alternatively, it will be possible to follow the live streaming on www.jointheindie.it - So, see you soon...virtually! :-D click

Drummers, I want YOU!

Posted date: March 23, 2020

Drummers, I want YOU for my next video! Download the drum score in PDF, play it on your snare drum or practice pad (@ 100 BPM, metronome/click in your headphones only), record your performance and upload it on your favourite social media using the hashtag #VadrumAndMe. The last good day to submit your video is this Sunday, March 29 and everyone is welcome (your level is not important, this is not a competition...let's just have fun together!). Follow me on my socials for news and updates...and I hope to see you soon! The more we are, the more we have fun :)
Download the PDF from here: bit.ly/VadrumAndMe click
04/15 UPDATE:
65 drummers from over 20 countries joined me and the final result is now on YouTube...thank YOU everyone, enjoy my new video! click

Classical Drumming Live, the Return

Posted date: January 31, 2020

I'm glad to announce the return of Classical Drumming Live! This time with a new, tantalizing formula and in an exceptional location: concert with aperitif dinner, Friday 21 February at Casino De Viti in Vaste (Le), Italy. Limited seats, reservation recommended, guaranteed fun. I look forward to seeing you...very soon! vadrum :-D click

My new Tama dream set!

Posted date: August 3, 2019

I'm thrilled to introduce you to my new drumset: a Tama Starclassic All Birch kit, custom made for me in Japan. After 25 years of playing the drums, this is my first real custom set. Everything I wanted in terms of material, sizes, hardware and, yeah, color (but YOU KNOW that I'm addicted to Piano Black, nothing new here!). I'm a big fan of birch (you can tell by the huge amount of sessions done with my good ol' Superstar) and I've finally had the chance to get an all birch pro kit with the latest and greatest hardware. Of course I won't play all these shells at the same time (or should I?!?), but I'll use them in different configurations, depending on the genre, type of session and/or gig.
A heartfelt THANKS to Tama Drums, Tama Italia and Mogar Music for making this possible and thank YOU for your constant support! Can't wait to share it with you on my next projects.
All the sizes:
- Kicks: 22" x 18" (x2), 18" x 16" (w/ mount);
- Toms: 8" x 6", 10" x 7", 12" x 8", 13" x 9";
- Floor Toms: 14" x 12", 16" x 14", 18" x 16".
For more photos, check out the DrumSet section of the site or read the full story on my Facebook profile. Ciao guys! click

Drum Sheet Music and new Digital Store

Posted date: October 10, 2018

On my Facebook page (fb.me/vadrum) I've uploaded a special version of my latest video that contains an exclusive overhead view along with the drum transcription, note by note. I've often been asked to write down my parts and...I finally did it! Get the full score in PDF from my new Digital Store (shoptly.com/vadrum)...and if you like this format, there could be more soon! As always, thanks for the support :) click

Live in Poland

Posted date: October 7, 2017

I'm happy to announce 2 special concerts in the beautiful Poland! When and where? On Friday, October 13th in Opole (during the DRUM FEST Festival) and on Saturday 14th in Chorzów. In addition to my classical repertoire I will interpret, with an ensemble of Polish musicians, some pieces by the famous composer and double Oscar winner Franz Waxman. For all the info click here (or here) and...do zobaczenia wkrótce! :) click

Live @ Nucijazz

Posted date: August 5, 2017

New special live show in sight: on Friday, August 11 I'll be guest of the Nucijazz Festival and the legendary Guglielmo Pagnozzi and his Jazzdogs. A great opportunity to come back to experience and to share the stage with my big brother, already traveling companion in Corleone, in a location very dear to me. For all the info click here :) click

Live @ Poggiardo

Posted date: June 6, 2017

And let's restart with some live date! I'm really happy to announce a new show in my home town after 5 years since the last solo concert: on Monday, June 12th I'll be guest of the evening on the occasion of the Patron Saint's day of Poggiardo, LE (Italy), and I'll take a special live performance in Piazza Umberto I starting at 9 PM. I can't wait to meet you all...see you soon! ;) click

I'm with Vic Firth!

Posted date: March 13, 2017

As revealed in my latest VLOG, I'm happy to announce that I officially joined the Vic Firth family, the undisputed world leader in the production of high quality drumsticks and mallets! Visit my profile on VicFirth.com for more info and to find out the specifications of the models that I use. Have fun and see you soon! :) click

Live @ Kick the Spring

Posted date: January 10, 2017

I'm happy to announce my first show in Romania!
Saturday, March 18 I'll take a solo concert in Bucharest at the Quantic Club. In addition, some of the best drummers of the Romanian scene will take turns on stage. The event is organized by DrumStage and for all the info you can click here: www.maximumrock.ro - See you soon guys! :-D click

Back on YouTube

Posted date: November 2, 2016

That's right, as you may have noticed I'm finally back in full swing on YouTube! And since I'm uploading more often than usual, to not clog my website I'll use this post to list and link all the new videos. You'll find notes and more info in the description of every single video. Enjoy! click
09/09/16 - Metallica Vadrum Medley - 10th Anniversary!
10/18/16 - VLOG #1: Back on YT
11/02/16 - Vadrum Meets The Simpsons - 10th Anniversary!
11/14/16 - Hungarian Dance (Classical Drumming)
11/25/16 - Back(wards) in Black | (alt link)
12/30/16 - Welcome to the Jungle (8-bit)
01/22/17 - Vadrum + Bass: FUNk Jam
02/23/17 - Flight of the Bumblebee (Classical Drumming)
03/11/17 - VLOG #2: New Endorsement + Live Show
04/20/17 - Vadrum Meets Sonic The Hedgehog
07/17/17 - Vadrum Meets Mega Man
07/25/17 - The Glass Prison (12 Step Suite)
08/08/17 - This Dying Soul (12 Step Suite)
08/25/17 - The Root of All Evil (12 Step Suite)
09/27/17 - Repentance (12 Step Suite)
10/04/17 - Pizzicati (Classical Drumming)
11/05/17 - The Shattered Fortress (12 Step Suite)
- Jump Up, Super Star! | Super Mario Odyssey
- Spear of Justice | Undertale
- Vadrum Meets Friends (in 16 Drum Styles)
06/01/18 - Vadrum VS Bollani: Maple Leaf Rag
06/22/18 - Piece of the Pi (Jordan Rudess)
07/15/18 - Pantera Vadrum Medley (Vinnie Paul Tribute)
10/05/18 - Russian Dance (Classical Drumming)
11/10/18 - Vadrum Meets Batman
11/25/18 - Bicycle Race feat. Shiva
12/09/18 - Vadrum Meets Birb Dominic: Screm Song
12/21/18 - Vadrum Meets Mr. Bean - Merry Christmas! | (alt link)
12/28/18 - Vadrum REWIND 2018
01/13/19 - Take the Time ft. Shiva
02/05/19 - Seven Days (Sting) | (alt link)
02/22/19 - Les Toréadors (Classical Drumming)
04/19/19 - Vadrum Meets Knight Rider (Drum Triggered Band)
07/31/19 - Vadrum Goes To Beverly Hills 90210
04/15/20 - Formula 1 Theme feat. 65 Drummers!
07/03/20 - Live for JOIN 2020 (8 Videos)
10/21/22 - Vadrum Goes Back To The Future
03/03/23 - Foo Fighters Vadrum Medley (Taylor Hawkins Tribute)

Metallica Vadrum Medley - 10th Anniversary

Posted date: September 12, 2016

As announced on the various socials, to celebrate my return and my 10 years on YouTube, I re-played my first video uploaded to the site, "Metallica Vadrum Medley" (click here to check it out). And to do it great, I invited Mr. Thiago Campos from Brazil who did a tremendous job, playing the guitars and bass. It begins a cool collaboration with him that will soon give birth to a new amazing video...say no more :) See you soon! click

Thank you, KOOZA!

Posted date: August 1, 2016

After 2 exact years I have completed my magical adventure around the world with KOOZA by Cirque du Soleil...what an incredible experience! Words are not enough to thank everyone that I met along the journey, on and off stage, and each one of you for the continued "long-distance" support. Now it's time for a vacation...but soon I'll be back with something that I'm sure many of you will like...stay tuned! :-D

Vadrum @ The Roxy Live

Posted date: June 4, 2016

My first solo show in South America is coming! On Wednesday, June 15th I'll play my entire album Classical Drumming, and much more, at the legendary The Roxy Live Bar in Buenos Aires! Doors opening at 7 PM and show time at 9 PM. For more info and presale tickets: http://www.ticketek.com.ar/andrea-vadrucci/roxy-live - See you soon! :-D click

Live @ Taranta

Posted date: August 21, 2015

Friends from Salento and not, on Saturday, August 22 I'll be guest of Taranta, a pro LILT event (Italian League for the Fight against Cancer) to support the project ILMA center of Gallipoli.
In addition to receiving with great honor an award for artistic activity, I will perform a special performance for all of you. The appointment is at 9 PM at Piazza Vittorio Veneto in Vernole, LE (Italy)...I'll see you there! :-D

Cirque du Soleil!

Posted date: August 14, 2014

It is with great honor and pleasure that I announce my official entry into the big Cirque du Soleil family! :-D
From the first days of August I came - of course as a drummer - to be part of KOOZA, the unique and incredible show which recently celebrated its 7 years and over 2500 shows around the world! At the moment we are and we will be in Tarragona, Spain until August 30. For the upcoming dates and for all the info about Kooza, check out the official website: www.cirquedusoleil.com/kooza
The show is unbelievably amazing but I don't want to say more..hope to see you soon somewhere! :-D click
All the dates:
- From 08/05/14: Tarragona (Spain), PortAventura
- From 09/18/14: Warsaw (Poland), Stadion Narodowy
- From 11/06/14: Düsseldorf (Germany), Metro-Strasse
- From 01/06/15: London (United Kingdom), Royal Albert Hall
- From 02/28/15: Bern (Switzerland), Grossen Allmend
- From 06/04/15: Columbus, OH (USA), W. Mound Street
- From 07/16/15: Virginia Beach, VA (USA), Convention center
- From 09/02/15: Austin, TX (USA), Circuit of The Americas
- From 10/28/15: Vancouver, BC (Canada), Concord Pacific Place
- From 03/09/16: Montevideo (Uruguay), Parque Roosevelt
- From 04/21/16: Buenos Aires (Argentina), Costanera Sur
- From 06/30/16: Santiago (Chile), Ciudad Empresarial
New dates are coming...stay tuned! :-D

Vadrum Live @ Vittoria Beach

Posted date: July 22, 2014

A new solo concert is coming!
When? Thursday, July 24 at 10 PM.
Where? At Victoria Beach, Casalabate, LE (Italy). Free entrance and guaranteed fun..see u there! :-D For more info: click

Roy Paci & Aretuska All Stars on Tour

Posted date: July 4, 2014

On June 21, the new tour by Roy Paci & Aretuska All Stars started from Modena (IT)! The twice renewed show, in team and sound, will see me behind the drums for the whole month of July. Below all the dates:
06/21 Soliera (Mo), Piazza Lusvardi
07/05 Roma, Villa Ada
07/15 Sorrento (Na), Piazza Tasso
07/17 Cenate Sotto (Bg), Music For Emergency
07/19 Licata (Ag), Piazza S. Angelo
07/20 Teano (Ce), Festa della Birra
07/31 Leverano (Le), Birra e Sound
More events (currently in the process of confirmation) may soon join the list. For more info: www.roypaci.it
So I'll see you guys around...soon! :-D click

"Italians Do It Better"

Posted date: June 23, 2014

On June 13, "Italians Do It Better" the new single by Roy Paci & Aretuska feat. Dr. Ring Ding has been released! For this occasion I had the honor of having a top rhythmic partner, Mr. Saturnino Celani on the bass, and the mega-groove has been enriched by many guests including Diodato, Ilaria Graziano and the Velvet Brass. The video for the single, shot in Milan at Casa Bertallot, can now be seen on YouTube by clicking here. Enjoy and see you soon for more! :-D click

Vadrum - The Typewriter

Posted date: May 6, 2014

And I'm back with a new video! Returning to the classical realm, this time I arranged and played for you "The Typewriter", a very nice composition by Leroy Anderson for orchestra, (in this case) drums and...a typewriter! Say no more...enjoy! :-D click

Interview on Ritmi

Posted date: March 11, 2014

How was my latest video born? How did I play several musical instruments simultaneously using only an electronic drumset and a sampler? You'll find the answers to these questions and more in the new interview with me published on Ritmi - Accordo.it...enjoy! - Actually the interview is in Italian so...Google Translate everyone! :) click

New Vadrum Drumsticks: V1 and V2

Posted date: February 28, 2014

By popular demand the Vadrum Signature Drumsticks are back in two brand-new versions, more durable and performance oriented: ladies and gentlemen, here comes the V1 and V2!
V1 is the most versatile model, with diameter and weight that corresponds to the classic 5A, while V2 is ideally placed between a 5A and 5B, and is recommended in situations that require more power and control without being heavy or too thick!
Both models are available now exclusively on Vadrum Store...have fun and see you soon! :-D click

Vadrum vs V-Drums: Billie Jean

Posted date: February 26, 2014

It was inevitable, and so here's the first video of Vadrum on V-Drums! But rather than "limit" myself playing just the electronic drums, I wanted to take advantage of all the potentialities of the instrument (TD-30KV) that, alongside an SPD-SX sampler and two Trigger Pads, allowed me to play the bass, keyboards, trumpet, etc...everything simultaneously and strictly in real-time without the use of any sequence (vocals apart) or external hardware!
Say no more and I wish you a good view of my "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson in a veeery special version :-)
Oh, and thanks to Mario Verzin for vocals, to Salvo P. for the guitar samples and to Roland Italy with which officially starts a great collaboration...enjoy! :-D click

Interview on Batterie Magazine

Posted date: January 17, 2014

Bonjour à tout le monde! Dear French friends, did you know that on the January 2014 issue of Batterie Magazine there's a cool 3-page interview with me? If I were you I wouldn't miss it! ;-D
Batterie Magazine is available on newsstands or in digital version at batteriemagazine.com..check it out! :-D click

The "mistery" of William Tell

Posted date: January 10, 2014

You know that "strange" groove that I arranged in Rossini's William Tell?
Finally, once and for all, I will explain officially what happens in the 8 most mysterious measures of the web! :-D
On January 2014 Drumset Mag (available on newsstands or at www.drumsetmag.it) I edited the "Drum Concepts" column, analyzing, decomposing and transcribing for you the "indicted" groove..enjoy! :-D click


Posted date: December 14, 2013

Today - December 14, 2013 - is a very very special day for me...at least for 3 reasons:
1) it's my birthday;
2) it's my 30th birthday (!);
3) exactly 20 years ago I got my first drumset!
And to celebrate this wonderful day, I reproduced two of my first photos "in action", taken in the (cold!) cellar where it all began...enjoy! :-D - PHOTO 1 - PHOTO 2
UPDATE: A heartfelt thanks to all of you for your good wishes and funny and cute comments on my socials...you are great! And to complete the series of commemorative photos, here's you the sweet surprise that I received from my dear Elena and Shahryar. I was hoping to keep a bit of cake for you but I could not resist, sorry ;-D See you soon for some drumming news...ciao guys! PHOTO 3

Philippines-Sardinia Emergency

Posted date: November 11, 2013

Two beautiful places, almost on opposite sides of the planet, were hit these days by natural disasters that have caused deaths, injuries and too many displaced people...I would like to point out some methods to be able to make a contribution, however small, to the affected populations. A small gesture can be a BIG help! click
Red Cross, UNICEF, Save the Children and others at:
Italian Red Cross - Solidarity SMS to 45500 (2 EUR - for people in Italy) or donate online at http://www.cri.it/
Watch out for Bank account codes circulating on the Internet, not all are official and you risk a double "damage"!

Live @ Batterika 2013

Posted date: September 30, 2013

On Sunday, October 6 I'll be one of the protagonists of Batterika Day 2013, the largest and richest Italian event dedicated to drums and percussions! My performance (sponsored by Mogar, Tama and Zildjian) is scheduled for 6:30 PM on the clinics stage of the Sgm Conference center in Rome. For the full schedule and all the event details, check out the website www.batterika.it...I hope to see you numerous there, drummers and not! :-D click

Moby Dick (Rai Radio2)

Posted date: September 20, 2013

"Bonzo Bonham would be proud of these drums" (minute 2:56) - Honored (and not worthy!) to receive such a compliment from Rai Radio2...thank you so much guys!!! :D
On Monday, September 16 at 8:30 PM started the new season of Moby Dick (on Italian Rai Radio2) and with Corleone we signed the initial theme (aswell as other tracks that will be used within the program). Here you can listen the opening theme and the initial entry of Roy drawn from the first episode..stay tuned! ;) click

Aretuska - The Pretender

Posted date: September 18, 2013

And here you have a little surprise by Roy Paci & Aretuska 2013! This is a remake of the legendary "The Pretender" by the Foo Fighters, recorded on the fly at Posada Negro Studios between the shows of our summer tour and posted on YouTube on 16/09 in the occasion of Roy's birthday..enjoy and see you soon! :) click

Roy Paci & Aretuska

Posted date: August 8, 2013

Roy Paci & Aretuska - Toda Joia Toda Beleza Guys! As announced in the mega-interview with Ritmi, in parallel with the Corleone and SYD live commitments I'll be on tour for the rest of the summer (and beyond) with Aretuska, the Ska-Reggae-Rocksteady side - as well as main-project - of Mr. Roy Paci! Here are the upcoming engaging dates not to be missed:
08/10 Frazzanò (ME), Piazza Regina Adelasia
08/12 Agrigento, Aquaselz Cafè
08/16 Vasto Marina (CH), Festival della Costa Teatina
08/20 San Foca (LE), Notte Bianca
08/21 Badolato (CZ), Tarantella Power
08/22 Pulsano (TA), Villanova
08/23 L'Aquila, La Perdonanza
08/24 Paestum (SA), Dum Dum Republic
08/25 Teano (CE), Festa della Birra
09/05 Staranzano (GO), Buskers Festival
More events may be added to the list soon. For all the info on these and other Aretuska events: www.roypaci.it/eventi
Then I'll see you around soon, to share a lot of...joia! :-D click

Interview on Ritmi

Posted date: August 6, 2013

Past, present and future in the mega-interview with me just published on Ritmi - Accordo.it, the first and most important source of information in Italy on musical instruments and music...check it out! - Actually the interview is in Italian but I'll translate it soon for you. In the meantime...Google Translate everyone! :) click

Drum Intro Medley

Posted date: July 2, 2013

What do Rihanna and Megadeth have in common, besides having extravagant hairstyles and to have sold millions of copies around the world?
Simply, at least one of their songs starts with a drum intro! This time I made a medley that includes 50 of the most popular drum intros of the last 50 years and, having fun with numbers, I enclosed in a 5 minutes and 50 seconds video :)
I tried to play all the intros as faithful as possible to the original versions, respecting the BPMs and, in some cases, recreating the audio effects of the studio recordings. Some intros have been shortened and, where necessary, I added some percussions, voices (?!?) and...also something else! Enjoy it my dear! ^_^ (Click here for the Drum Intro List) click

Corleone - Summer Tour

Posted date: June 10, 2013

Corleone - Summer Tour Corleone on Musica Jazz
After the great success of the spring dates and the obtaining of the prestigious "Musica Jazz" magazine cover in May, It's officially starting the Roy Paci - Corleone summer tour! On some dates I confirm my presence also as the drummer for SYD (See You Downtown), a project by Marco Pettinato a.k.a. John Lui! The currently confirmed dates:
06/11 Bergamo, Lazzaretto
06/14 Palermo, Cantieri alla Zisa (SYD Only)
06/18 Milano, Carroponte
06/20 Acireale, Feedblack
06/21 Lucera (FG), Palazzo D'Auria
06/30 Udine, Udine Jazz
07/03 Padova, Sherwood
07/05 Cascina (PI), The Jungle
07/11 Torino, Cortile della Farmacia
07/13 Capurso (BA), Multiculturita Jazz Fest
07/17 Roma, Festa de l'Unità
07/26 San Giovanni Valdarno (AR), Orientoccidente
07/28 Torre Pali - Marina di Salve (LE), Mueilacuda (SYD Only)
08/01 Lecce, Masseria Ospitale (SYD Only)
09/04 Cagnano Varano (FG), Suoni in Cava
09/06 Servigliano (FM), Parco della Pace
09/07 Pertosa (SA), Negro Festival
10/26 Roma, Roma Jazz Festival
11/08 Radio2 Live, Festival del film di Roma
11/09 Firenze, Florence Tattoo Convention
12/06 Bari, Medimex (SYD Only)
For other dates to be confirmed and for all real-time news, Corleone is on Facebook: fb.com/RoyPaciCorleoneOfficial - See you soon! click

Advertisement for Italian Government

Posted date: March 28, 2013

I'm honored to be one of the 4 protagonists of the new communication campaign by the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers for the promotion of Simplified Srl, a company that can be made up by citizens under 35 with a share capital of just 1 Euro! When asked "What do I do with 1 Euro?", I replied in my way in one of the 4 advertisements aired on Italian Rai Tv networks and available to watch online at this YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/con1euro. Enjoy the video...and a big good luck to the future Italian entrepreneurs! :-D click

On Tour with Corleone and SYD

Posted date: March 15, 2013

Guys! I'm pleased to announce the first dates of Blaccahénze tour, the new album of Corleone (experimental project by Roy Paci - with me on drums - that is gaining a lot of interest from public and critics) released on last February, 4. The tour sees me busy behind the skins also with See You Downtown, the interesting elecro-rock project of the young Sicilian producer Marco Pettinato a.k.a. John Lui.
03/15 Bologna, Estragon Club - Irlanda in Festa
03/22 Forlì, Rockhouse
03/23 Milano, Leoncavallo - Spazio Pubblico Autogestito
03/29 Brescia, Nuova Latteria Molloy
04/11 Firenze, Viper Club
04/12 Roncade (TV), New Age Club
04/13 Roma, Auditorium Parco della Musica
04/20 Perugia, Urban
04/27 Torino, Torino Jazz Festival
04/30 Bari, Premio Maggio
05/04 Verona, Interzona
05/10 Reggio Emilia, Fuori Orario
05/11 Prato, Univercity Festival
For all the info check out the website www.dnaconcerti.com and for getting real time updates take a look at: fb.com/RoyPaciCorleoneOfficial - fb.com/RoyPaciOfficial - fb.com/seeyoudowntowmusic
See you on the road! :-D vadrum click

Vadrum @ Radio Deejay

Posted date: February 2, 2013

On Thursday, February 7 I'll be guest of "A tu per Gu", the Italian radio show hosted by Guglielmo Scilla (Willwoosh) and Luca Leoni aired on the legendary frequencies of Radio Deejay (and in streaming video on deejay.it) starting at 9 PM. Tune in your radios and...enjoy! :) click

Vadrum News!

Posted date: November 26, 2012

Hey guys! Here's you the latest updates from Vadrum's world:
Corleone in the Studio Corleone Live CORLEONE: At the beginning of November I recorded in the studio, along with 5 great musicians from various parts of Italy, the new "Corleone" album, the no-limits instrumental project led by the well-known (trumpeter) Roy Paci. The record, which contains 6 long unreleased tracks, will be released soon and then will follow an extensive tour in Italy and abroad, preceded by an electrifying sold-out live show which was held on last November 13th at Cantieri Koreja in Lecce. You'll see/hear crazy stuff soon :-D 01/22/13 NEWS: Click here for a preview on YouTube! click
MICHAEL AND THE TEETH: During the same period I recorded the drums for the debut album of a new rock band from Salento (Italy), that sees me in the role of co-producer as well as drummer, the "Michael and the Teeth". The album is expected to be released by the summer of next year (Maya permitting!), but in the meantime I'll post you soon some audio and video materials. Stay tuned! click
GRAZIA NEGRO: Among the various projects that lately I have seen involved as a live session player, I'd like to introduce you Grazia Negro, the talented singer and multi-instrumentalist from Italy who has just released the interesting debut album "Ragazze Forty" available on iTunes. Check it out! :-) click
VADRUM LIVE: About the upcoming live solo events, on Sunday, December 2 I'll be guest of ORA2013!, the unique creative, motivational and educational event held by the great life coach Alessandra Mattioni. For more info about the event which will take place at Officine Cantelmo in Lecce (Italy): www.alessandramattioni.it click
VIDEOS: Obviously I have not forgotten you! Along with my thanks for the many comments and shares on my last video "Vadrum Speaks Morse Code", I announce you that I'm working on some ideas that in the coming weeks will be reflected in new videos available on my YouTube channel! click
So see you soon and, as always, thank you so much for the support! :-D

Vadrum Speaks Morse Code

Posted date: October 10, 2012

The fastest way to learn a new language? Obviously by playing it! :-D Here's you the fascinating Morse Code alphabet as you've never heard before, arranged and played by myself with the new drumset...enjoy and have fun! vadrum click

Classical Drumming Live!

Posted date: August 11, 2012

New Classical Drumming Solo Tour live shows are coming in Salento, Italy! Sunday, August 12th I will be in Andrano (Le) at the beautiful setting of Piazza Castello; on Sunday, August 19th it will be the turn of Botrugno (Le) at "Lu Funnu te la Curte" and on Saturday, August 25th I will be in Castro (Le) at Piazza Vittoria - NEWS: On Thursday, September 27th I will be in Poggiardo (Le) at Piazza Umberto I on the occasion of the SS. Medici celebration - All the concerts will begin at 9:30 PM and admission is strictly free...see you on the road! :-D click

Vadrum Live: Milano & Otranto

Posted date: July 8, 2012

Mid Summer Fest Summer Pop
Let's restart with two new Classical Drumming solo concerts! First show, Saturday, July 14th at Mid Summer Fest in Carugate, Milan (Italy), rich festival full of fun and good music. Then, back in Salento with a special concert to be held on Friday, August 10th at the picturesque Aragonese Castle of Otranto in the exhibition Summer Pop - Tribute to Andy Warhol. For all the details check out the official event websites: www.midsummerfest.eu - www.warholotranto.it. The other dates on this site refer to concerts and shows not as soloist but with various bands and musicians. As always, I'll wait for you numerous...see you soon guys! :-) click

New Drumset Video Tour

Posted date: June 14, 2012

And here's to you my new drumset as a Tama/Zildjian endorser! Besides photos and specs that you can now find in the DrumSet section of the website, I made a quick "virtual" video tour that makes it a truly unique experience...enjoy! :-D click

Videogames Party

Posted date: May 31, 2012

On Saturday and Sunday, June 2-3 I'll be guest of Videogames Party, the largest and unmissable touring festival dedicated to the digital world enjoyment! Games, music, tournaments, animation and live shows with me and my drumset will alternate in the great Exposition Park Novegro, near Milan (Italy). Info: www.videogamesparty.it - See u there! :-D click

Earthquake Emergency

Posted date: May 31, 2012

I'd like to report an easy and effective method to support friends affected by the earthquake in Emilia Romagna (Italy). It has started a fundraising by the Italian Civil Protection through a telephone number: just send one (or more) SMS from any Italian operator to 45500 to donate 2 Euros. A small gesture can be of great help! click

Live for AGEBEO

Posted date: April 3, 2012

On Thursday, April 5 I'll perform a special benefit live for "Agebeo e amici di Vincenzo Onlus", an italian association that for the last 20 years assisted children suffering from leukemia and their families. The event, which will also include a draw of prizes, comedy and magic tricks show, will be held at Palatour Perla in Bitritto, BA (Italy) from 6 PM. For all the info: click

Live @ Officine Cantelmo

Posted date: January 19, 2012

On next Sunday, January 22 I'll perform a special mini-concert at the "1st Exhibition of Toy and Videogame" at Officine Cantelmo in Lecce, Italy. A unique event full of fun events and activities taking place during the course of the day. My performance is scheduled for 5:30 PM and admission is totally free! For more info: click

New Year's Eve Concert!

Posted date: December 30, 2011

On Saturday, December 31 I'll take a live concert at Hibiscus in Vignacastrisi, LE (Italy) to celebrate together the arrival of the new year with the sound of Classical Drumming! (Info line: 328.8474249 - Start h 10:30 PM) I take this opportunity to wish you all a great 2012, full of satisfaction, happiness and..a lot of good music! :-D vadrum click

Classical Drumming @ Paisiello Theatre

Posted date: December 17, 2011

Special date for the Classical Drumming mini-tour! On Wednesday, December 21, almost a year since the CD release, I'll perform at Paisiello Theatre in Lecce (Italy), the beautiful location where we recorded the album! The event, included in the Christmas Festival of the city, will start at 9 PM with free entrance. Special Guest of the evening, after the great success of the first, the talented violinist Alessandro Quarta. As always we look forward to see you all there! :-D - Press Release (Italian) - Poster - Directions to the Theatre click

Vadrum - Radetzky March Live

Posted date: December 17, 2011

There's a new video on my YouTube channel! This is a live mix of the famous Radetzky March by Johann Strauss I performed by myself, with the orchestra and not, during some show from last summer's Classical Drumming mini-tour. The audio is not the best but I assure you it is fun...enjoy! :-D click

Tama Drums!

Posted date: December 11, 2011

I'm happy and proud to announce my new endorsement with the brand Tama, the great Japanese drums and hardware manufacturer! Awaiting to receive the new drumset, you can find the specifications of the set used for the recording of Classical Drumming and for the production of most of my videos on YouTube, in the DrumSet section of the site. See you soon guys! :-D click

Live @ Villa Camilla

Posted date: December 2, 2011

The Classical Drumming mini-tour restarts! First show, Sunday, December 4 in the pre-Christmas event "Waiting for Santa Claus" which will be held at Villa Camilla in Poggiofranco, Bari (Italy). The event, now in its third edition, will include more artistic performances and will begin at 6:00 PM with free entry. For more info and location directions: www.villacamillabari.it click

Vadrum in Clinic

Posted date: November 18, 2011

A new clinic is coming! When and where? Saturday, November 26th at "Verde Professional" in Leinì, Torino (Italy). The event, in collaboration with Mogar Music and brands Zildjian and Tama, is totally free and open to all - musicians and not - starting at 4:30 PM. All the info at: www.verdepro.com - See all of you there! :-D click

Vadrum Live

Posted date: August 5, 2011

Here's some of the upcoming events and festivals in Salento (Italy) that will host myself: let's start with the mega event "150 Years at the Opera" which will be held on August 5 at Piazza Umberto I in Poggiardo (Le), where I will perform with the ICO Tito Schipa 54-piece Orchestra of the Province of Lecce, directed for the occasion by M° Eliseo Castrignanò. On August 16, in S.Cassiano (Le), I'll perform some songs in the rich event "Raccomandati in Musica" and on August 19, I will be guest of the singing event "Note di Stelle" to be held in Uggiano La Chiesa (Le). On September 4, I'll instead perform in Tricase (Le) in the dance recital labeled "Cuban Puglia".
As for the mini-tour of Classical Drumming, the next show will be held on August 18 in Nociglia (Le) at the beautiful setting of the Baronial Castle, where I'll play the entire album, and more! (Press Release (Italian) - Poster - Map) - The other dates on this website refer instead to concerts and live shows not as soloist, then with various musicians and bands. See you soon on the road then...ciao dears! :-D click

Vadrum - Infernal Galop

Posted date: August 4, 2011

As promised, here I am back with a new video just for you! This is my version of Offenbach's Infernal Galop (the well-known Can-Can), excerpt from the Classical Drumming project, re-recorded in the studio for the occasion and finally shooted in HD! Enjoy and see 'ya soon ggguys! :-D click

Vadrum in Concert

Posted date: July 11, 2011

The Classical Drumming summer mini-tour is starting! Let's begin with the first show on next Saturday, July 16 at Piazza Umberto I in Uggiano La Chiesa, LE (Italy). The event, organized by the "Pro Loco di Uggiano e Casamassella", will see the partecipation of the young violinist Carla De Fabrizio and will start at 9:30 PM with free entrance...see you there! :-D Press Release (Italian) - Poster - Map click

Zildjian Cymbals

Posted date: June 16, 2011

Great news! I officially joined the prestigious Zildjian Family of Artists, the legendary world leader in cymbal manufacturing! A brand that has stayed with me for almost all of my musical adventures and that best represents my "sound". You can find the specs of the various models that I play in the DrumSet section of the site and on my artist profile at Zildjian.com - See you soon dears! :-D click

Vadrum in Clinic

Posted date: May 24, 2011

On Sunday, May 29 I'll hold a drum seminar at Laboratori Musicali in Surbo, LE (Italy). During the clinic, we'll discuss various topics and I'll perform a series of excerpts from my latest album and from the YouTube repertoire. For more information: www.laboratorimusicali.it - I take this opportunity to announce that the clinic previously reported for June 5 in Udine (Italy) has been postponed to October. I thank all those who had already given its resevation...see 'ya guys! :-D click

Special Thanks

Posted date: May 6, 2011

Many thanks to everyone was present at the first live show of Classical Drumming, on last Saturday at Teatro Illiria in Poggiardo, LE (Italy). Thanks to your energy and participation, you made the event unique, gifting me a truly stratospheric evening! A special and heartfelt thanks to my fellow citizens who, as well as welcoming me with open arms after the show, were the artificers of a moving initiative that surprised me and left me truly speechless. This is the poster they created and posted on the streets of Poggiardo. I'm really flattered and honored by this gesture that I like to share with friends and followers from the rest of the world. Thanks again and see you soon! :-D click

Classical Drumming Live!

Posted date: April 23, 2011

On Saturday, April 30 I'll officially present my debut solo album Classical Drumming with a special live concert that will take place at Teatro Illiria in Poggiardo, LE (Italy). Special Guest of the evening, the virtuoso violinist Alessandro Quarta from Salento. The event, organized by the Municipality of Poggiardo, will start at 9:30 PM with free entrance...I wait for you numerous then! In the meantime, I take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Easter. Ciao everyone! :-D - Press Release (Italian) - Poster - How to get to the Theatre click

Interviews and articles

Posted date: April 16, 2011

Here's some journal and magazine that's talking about me in these days. Let's start with the British Drummer Magazine who has dedicated two pages to Classical Drumming with an in-depth interview. In Italy, the monthly Ritmi has reviewed my last work and published a new interview on its website. They're also talking about me on the monthly Qui Salento and the fortnightly Diciamo from Salento. These articles will be gradually inserted in the Press Room section of the site, where you can already find interviews, articles and various publications. See ya soon guys! :-D click

Vadrum on Drummerworld!

Posted date: April 8, 2011

It's with great pleasure that I announce my addition on Drummerworld, the prestigious portal about the fantastic world of drumming that includes the profiles of the worldwide best-known drummers. Click here to check out my profile that includes photos, videos and many more. Happy surfing! ;-) click

Live in Italy for 150 Years of Unification

Posted date: March 23, 2011

For those who would be in Salento, Italy, on March 24th I'll perform my version of "Nabucco" by Verdi, and more, at the event "150° dell'Unità d'Italia - L'idea di Italia nella letteratura", held in Poggiardo (LE) at the Culture Palace in Piazza Umberto I. An excellent opportunity to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy with a little healthy and fun "acrobatic drumming" :-D See ya soon!

Japan Emergency

Posted date: March 20, 2011

Want to give your contribution to help the Japanese population, recently hit by the earthquake and tsunami? Here you'll find the contact details of some of the many humanitarian organizations already present on the scene of the emergency. The support of all of us can be essential!

Classical Drumming & Vadrum Store!

Posted date: January 24, 2011

Classical Drumming, my debut solo album, has finally seen the light on last Friday, January 21, along with a video presentation (shown here) that sums up very well the incredible experience lived over the past months! In the video, you can see "The Barber of Seville" Overture by Gioacchino Rossini, performed with the 36-piece Orchestra of which I spoke, conducted by M° Valerio De Giorgi. The album, already downloadable from iTunes and Amazon Mp3, is now available on CD and digital version on my new Online Store (andreavadrucci.com/store) that offers PayPal as primary method of payment, quick and secure. In the Store you will also find the newest Vadrum Signature Drumsticks in 3 models and a serie of T-Shirts I designed for you. Enjoy and see you soon! :-D click

Classical Drumming: 01/21/11

Posted date: January 19, 2011

The countdown for the release of Classical Drumming has begun! As announced with the Teaser published last week on YouTube, my debut solo record will be officially released on Friday, January 21 and will be available on CD and MP3 version. The album, released by the new label Vadrum Records, will be purchased through my new Online Store (andreavadrucci.com/store) and will subsequently be available to download from iTunes and all major digital stores. Have fun! :-D click

Happy Holidays!

Posted date: December 24, 2010

Dear friends! I wish everyone an Happy Xmas and a great 2011! The new year will bring new cool things regarding myself...can't wait to share them with you guys! Take care and see ya soon :-D vadrum click

50.000.000 thanks!

Posted date: November 28, 2010

My videos on YouTube have gained over 50 million views and my channel continues to hold the absolute primacy of subscribers among Italian musicians...the best way to say thank you? With the release of my album, I'll produce new videos for you all and we'll start to have fun again! See you soon guys ;-) click

Classical Drumming News

Posted date: November 17, 2010

The process of the realization of "Classical Drumming" is going to be completed. The work is huge but the enthusiasm is always great! The album release is scheduled for January and more details about everything will be added soon. Stay Tuned! :-D click

Ritmi and new video!

Posted date: September 7, 2010

Ritmi, the new Italian magazine for drummers and percussionists (available in all Italian newsstands for 6 euros), published a lengthy interview with myself on the September 2010 issue. There's an introduction to the article on the website of the journal with an exclusive video taken from my Live at Otranto for UNESCO performance of last August 11th. Enjoy! click

Drumworld Festival 2010

Posted date: August 31, 2010

On Sunday, September 12th 2010, I'll perform at "Drumworld Festival", one of the biggest realities of the drumming world! The mega event, that will be held in Ittervoort, Netherlands will host a truly remarkable line-up that includes my dear friend Marco Iannetta, Mel Gaynor (the legendary "Simple Minds" drummer) and a guy named...Steve Gadd! More info and the full line-up on: www.drumworld.nl click

Classical Drumming News

Posted date: August 18, 2010

The "Classical Drumming" recordings have been officially started with great enthusiasm and some good news! On last July 25-26 were held, in the magnificent setting of the Paisiello Theatre (Lecce, Italy), the recording sessions of the entire symphonic orchestra that now consists of 36 pieces instead of 25, and in the last few days we completed the piano parts. It's expected to increase the final album number of tracks and everything will be enhanced with extra material. It seems that there will be a lot of fun...have a good day! :-D click

Vadrum on Modern Drummer

Posted date: July 9, 2010

Modern Drummer, the legendary World's #1 drumming magazine, offered me the opportunity to host a personal blog on their website...and how could I say no?!? :-D The first post is online and accessible from the home page of the website www.moderndrummer.com or directly clicking here. Take care and see ya soon guys! ^_^ click

Vadrum News

Posted date: June 4, 2010

While the making of "Classical Drumming" keeps going, I made some tracks in studio for a future production of the cool Dutch pop artist Chielio Reedijk and I'm currently recording the debut album for the american band EdToShred led by Ed, the unique nerd guitar-hero that has recently won an international competition out of 1200 guitar players! I hope to put soon on the website some samples taken from the drum recording sessions...in the meantime I wish you a good start of summer! CIAO! ;-D click

Vadrum - Classical Drumming

Posted date: April 24, 2010

Hey guys! I'm officially working on my first solo album which will feature a 25-piece italian orchestra! "Classical Drumming" will contain 18 tracks of pure energy and fun and its release is scheduled for next fall. You can find more info on www.classicaldrumming.com and there's a short promo video on my YouTube channel. See you soon for more details and news and, as always, thanks very much for your mega support! :-D click

Vadrum - The Marriage of Figaro

Posted date: December 17, 2009

My new video is online! Staying within the classical music, I offer you my own version of the remarkable Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro" Overture. I take this opportunity to thank you very much for the incredible support and wish you Happy Holidays! :-D click

DreamHack Winter Festival

Posted date: November 19, 2009

A new live show is coming: on Thursday, November 26 I'm going to open, with a special live performance, the winter edition of "DreamHack", the world's largest computer festival! The event, which in the last edition hosted over 12,000 people from all over the world, will be held in Jönköping, Sweden and will be streamed live on the official website of the festival (www.dreamhack.se). See ya soon guys! ;-D click

La Rioja Drumming Festival

Posted date: July 26, 2009

Excellent news! On the 4th and 5th September 2009, I'll have the honor to play at one of the greatest european drumming stages, the "La Rioja Drumming Festival"! The show will be in Logroño, Spain and beside me, there will be four drumming legends of all time: Dom Famularo, Billy Cobham, Virgil Donati and Jojo Mayer...unbelievable! For more info, check out the official website of the event: click

Rondo alla Turca (Turkish March)

Posted date: July 2, 2009

Hey guys, there's a new vadrum video on Youtube! This time I've arranged a SUPER version of the beautiful third movement of the Mozart's K 331 Sonata, popularly known as the "Turkish March - Rondo alla Turca"...with a new cool drum setup and a little musical surprise inside. Check it out and...have fun! :-D click

Programa do Jô

Posted date: June 6, 2009

As previoulsy announced in the News section of the website, on last May 18th my "Vadrum Meets The Barber of Sevile" video was entirely broadcasted on the popular brazilian tv show "Programa do Jô"...and now, as promised, you can find the show clip directly on my Youtube channel! Enjoy the video and, as always, thank you very much for your mega-support, you're simply great! ^_^ click

Vadrum News

Posted date: March 18, 2009

On mi.edu there's a new video interview I've done on last January for/at the Musicians Institute of Hollywood, Institute that I'm currently attending. From today, you can also find my official artist profile on the mega-portal Facebook...I wait you numerous as always. See you soon guys! ;-) click

Thank you 25.000.000 times!

Posted date: January 13, 2009

My personal video channel on the portal Youtube.com has totaled over 25 million views also continuing to be the first Italian channel in absolute for number of subscribers (from the birth of Youtube Italy)...crazy! I can only thank you, thank you and...thank you 25 million times! click

Vadrum Meets Super Mario Bros 3

Posted date: January 2, 2009

New year, new video! By popular demand, I've arranged and produced a super medley that contains most of the musical themes of the third chapter of the glorious Super Mario Bros trilogy. On this occasion I wish you all a great 2009 and, as always, thank you for the tremendous and incredible support...but now, have a good watching my dear friends! click

Vadrum goes to Hollywood

Posted date: October 28, 2008

It started a very exciting new adventure for me! Since the end of September I am in Los Angeles, Hollywood to be exact, and I'll stay here for a while to deepen the studies on the most beautiful musical instrument in the world, at one of the most prestigious schools for musicians, the Musicians Institute! click

Go Jack!

Posted date: October 21, 2008

Jack, the well-known monthly italian magazine specialized in Hi-Tech, Web, and Music Trends, devoted me a great mini-article on the November 2008 issue! You can check out now the article in the Press Room section of the website and you can find the magazine at any italian newsstand...go Jack go! click


Posted date: October 11, 2008

In last mid-September, I recorded in studio the soundtrack for the sparkling new musical of "Erasmus International Musical and Theatre"! The Italian-British company will start next November 3rd an extensive tour that will stop in many places in Italy. For more info: click

Vadrum Vs Tenacious D

Posted date: July 28, 2008

And here I am again with a new video! This is a tribute to Jack Black and Kyle Gass, two funny guys best known to the world of rock as "Tenacious D"...I specifically arranged "Classico", a medley of classical music in a rock (very unique and fun) key taken from the movie "Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny" of 2006. As always, thanks for the incredible support...and have a good watching! click

Doctor Vadrum!

Posted date: July 12, 2008

Usually I don't write on my website news out of my music activity, but this time I have a special news that deserves to be noticed: on last July 9th, 2008 I achieved the Bachelor in Communication Sciences at the University of Salento! A heartfelt thanks to all those I have met (who have supported and endured me) during my University journey! ;-D

All the previous news are in the Italian version of the website only, sorry for the inconvenience. But you can have a good summary of those checking the Biography section.

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