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Classical Drumming - Out Now!

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Vadrum on the Web:
click YouTube - My exclusive drum channel
click Facebook - Official Fan Page and one-and-only profile
click Twitter - My personal page on Twitter
click Instagram - My personal profile on Instagram
click iTunes - My music on iTunes
click Apple Music - My music on Apple Music new
click Spotify - My music on Spotify new
click Classical Drumming - My new solo album
click Drummerworld - Artist profile on Drummerworld
click Vadrum Store - My official online shop

click Zildjian - Official website for the legendary cymbal manufacturer
click Tama - Official website for Tama, the great Japanese drums manufacturer
click Vic Firth - Official website for Vic Firth, the world leader in the production of drumsticks
click Mogar Music - Website for Mogar, "Your Music Our Passion"
click Aramini - Website for Aramini Musical Instruments

Drummers and "for drummers" websites:
click Vinnie Colaiuta - Vinnie Colaiuta's Official Website
click Mike Portnoy - Mike Portnoy's official website
click Dave Grohl - Reference website for Dave Grohl
click LaBatteria.it - Italian website about drums that includes a big forum
click Modern Drummer - The world's #1 drumming magazine
click Drummerworld - Amazing resource for drummers
click Ritmi (Accordo.it) - Italian drumming magazine
click Drumset Mag - Italian drumming magazine

Friends and Various:
click Cosmica - Official website for my past band from Italy
click ANSA.it - Online edition of the Italian news agency
click Punto Informatico - Italian hi-tech daily newspaper
click MacRumors - Latest news from the Apple world
click Moto.it - MotoGP and much more
click Deejay.it - Italian Radio Deejay's website
click TED - New ideas and fascinating theories
click Word Reference - Great dictionary and translator
click eBay - It needs no introduction...
click Rockol - Music news and more
click Mercatino Musicale - A great place to sell instruments in Italy
click Thomann.de - Everything you are looking for is here!
click La Rioja Drumming Festival - Official site for the super spanish festival
click Power Drum Ensemble - Percussion project by M° Raffaello Murrone
click Musicaebatteria.it - Blog of Drums
click Orangeroad.it - Great Italian site about my favorite manga

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