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" much?!!"

In a drumming pose

Always with no fuel...

At Radio 104 with Frank

Another drumming pose

"Dave Grohl" version

Behind the consolle

Dangerous "Metallacci"!

Live @ Transilvania

Cosmica Band

2nd Cosmic pose

With "The Wizard" Band

Cosmics in a new pose

Live @ Woodstock Pub

Aritmia Mediterranea '04

Summer team

Ifen, the hero

On the beach!

One House, One WHY?!!

Be careful with "Giggi"!

Go Doraemon!

Cosmica @ Bari

Arrest them!!!

Fatty and his "pennettata"!


Serious people...

Saint Oronzo...

With Ellade Bandini!

With Christian Meyer!

Live @ Postorosso


TimTour Guys

TimTour 2005

Documents please!

Live @ Torino

Cosmica + Tommy Massara (Extrema)

Vadrum+Slash @ Milan Underground

On-air at RockTv

With Mario Riso!

...Abbey Road!


With Beppe at Jungle Sound (Milan)

During the last VaDrum Theater

If the snare could speak...

With P40 the "singactor"...

Live @ "Sala Prove"

...more serious!

Otranto 2006...

In the L'ATV Studios

At Radio Reporter

Live @ FDB 2006

Live @ ECdT

The Rock Brothers!

...Of course! :-)

With Tullio De Piscopo!

Live @ Zollino

Radio Guys


In the SoundLab

Live @ Lequile

Live @ "Liguaccia"



Live @ Maglie


Cosmica #1 at B&S Live Festival

On the road!

In the Studio

With Joe Nunez (Soulfly)

Live with Kaotica band


Magazines pro spinner :D

2 is better than 1

Live @ Caporais

With Dom Famularo & Company!

Mapex DoT '07

Mapex DoT '07

Alien abduction!

Out-of-tune guy at work!

Mirror of my desires...


With Reyes Jr., D'Virgilio, Adler

Vadrum Art '08

Live @ Morrison's

..above all, small and light!


Soundcheck in B/W

Live shot by Chris.Floodsart

Making "Percezioni d'amore" video

Making "Percezioni d'amore" video

...lock him up!!!

Graduating people! :-)

Jam Session @ MI

Venice Beach guys...

...Venice Beach deficient guys!

With Thomas Lang!

Italian drumming at NAMM

With Mike Portnoy!

...sound theories with Steve Vai

With Vinnie Paul!

Meinl SuperTeam

MI Interview

On the drums baby!

LA glasses drummers '09

At the drums, come on!

...always the same :)

Vadrum Live '09!

With Terry Bozzio & Marco Iannetta!

Vadrum's point of view...

The "World Champion" with Rob Carson! :-D

With Jojo Mayer & Virgil Donati!

Drumming fun

In Spain...on stage between the Gods!

Live @ La Rioja Drumming Festival

Live @ DreamHack Winter '09

Sweden 2009

Live laughs @ CDL '09

Vadrook, the snow monster's him it's him!

Promo Shot '10

In studio with Kaotica

"Cymbalistic" pose

Classical Drumming

Classical Drumset

Classical Moment

Classical Picture

Vadrum Live '10!

Live @ Malù

In my office...

Live @ Otranto (Italy)

With Todd Sucherman

Live @ Drumworld Festival (NL)

You tell me?!?

Rock in Full Effect!

With Steve Gadd & Mike Terrana

Kinder's World!

...go Gigi, go!!!


Live @ Jack'n'Jill

Live @ Prosit

CD is coming!

Me, You and Puccia

Welcome to the Z Family!

Complete Italian Zildjian team

Find the signature!

Live @ Café del Mar

...let's gooo!

People hurry, hurry up!

Press Conference

CD presentation

Live @ Teatro Illiria

Duo with A. Quarta

Live Moment

Deep Red

Thank you all!

Speech, speech!

TV Interview

Poor violin!

Live @ Prosit

Live @ Lov&Brain

With Serena Dandini and "Duo" Medusa

A. Q. Quartet

"Cuban Puglia" dance recital

Live @ Maglie

Pre-show mess around

Live @ Uggiano w C. De Fabrizio

...and there was light!

Vadrum Live!

Great night!

Rock that drums!

"Rock" rehearsals with ICO Orchestra

Vadrum Video '11!

Live @ Poggiardo

Classical Drumming Live '11

Pre-show "Stretching"

Classical Yeah!

180° concert panoramic

Live with Mario Verzin

Live @ Nociglia

Human fan!

Mini-set ready to rock!

Trapped in Google!

Google the real world!

YouTube fellows

Studio session

Vadrum in Clinic

Rock Clinic '11!

Vadrum Drumsticks

Live @ Leinì

Live @ Villa Camilla

Live @ Teatro Paisiello '11

Vadrum Live!

Vadrum Set

Vadset in blue

Every man for himself!

R'n'R on ice with La Manu

Theories in the studio with Bobò!

Live @ Officine Cantelmo

Live with Michael and the Teeth

"Numbers" live @ Lecce!

Live @ Bari for Agebeo Onlus

All set up for the show!

"Serious" cyclist with the great Pippi

Soundcheck break

Live @ Videogames Party (Milan)

Check one-two one-two

Mediaset Gamerland TV interview

Live with Andrea Braido!

Live @ Mid Summer Fest '12

Let's rock!

Live band @ FDB

On the road with a little big fan

Live unplugged

Live @ Summer Pop (Otranto)

Vadrum in action!

Live @ Andrano

The gala audience!

Live @ Botrugno

I seem to know this guy...

Live @ Castro

The gala audience 2!


"With" Valentino Rossi @ Misano!

Vadset 2012

Studio session

A cool surprise from YouTube!

In studio with Roy Paci - Corleone

Recording Corleone

Running Sucks! :-D

Mixing Corleone w/ Marco Trentacoste

Corleone Live @ Cantieri Koreja

Live @ ORA2013!

Live @ Corto Maltese with Roy Paci & Co.

Corleone Live @ Twilight (Radio 2)

With Guglielmo Scilla on Radio Deejay!

Live @ La Lomax - Catania with SYD

On "Buongiorno Regione" (Rai 3)

On-Air @ Radio2 Social Club

On-Air @ Battiti (Radio 3)

Drumset ready to rooock!

Live @ RockHouse Club - Forlì

Live @ Leoncavallo - Milano

Live @ Latteria Molloy - Brescia

Live @ Latteria Molloy - Brescia

"...go Vigevano!"

Soundcheck @ Auditorium Parco della Musica

Gooo!!! :-D

Corleone Live @ Torino Jazz Festival

Wonderful day @ TJF 2013

Bad guys live on TV!

Live @ Prato

Destination: Palemmmo!

With SYD @ Milano

Corleone @ Carroponte - Milano

Oh yeah baby!

Vad in Action

Room with no view at Acireale

Live @ Acireale

Live Shot by Antonio Triolo

Recording a new video...

...with this cool drumset!


Rock'n'Roll @ Sherwood - Padova

And it's never enough!

Live @ Bari

Live @ Festa de l'Unità - Roma

Let's go!

Drumstick or...banana?!?

Paranormal activity in studio...

Studio session with SYD

Sicily sicilyyy...

Cheers for Aretuska!

Awesomeness @ San Foca

3 is the magic number :-D

..hands up!

Aretuska @ Pulsano

With Roy @ L'Aquila

No way, the Vadrum cookiesss!

Look at me..I said at me! :-D

In studio for Moby Dick (Radio 2)

Energy bomb @ Staranzano!

Go Sciampyyy!

Recording "The Pretender"

Live @ Batterika 2013

Like the real ones...

With Carlo Lucarelli @ Roma Jazz Fest

On the Radio 2 truck for Roma Film Festival

Live @ Medimex - Bari with SYD

30 "played" years!

Ooou yeah!

Tracklist...or mugshot?!

Keep Calm and Rock'n'Roll!

Vadrum Matrix Version

With my Silver Play Button!

Studio time

Recording for Roy Paci...

...with this cool hybrid set

Strange meetings at the airport :P

Aretuska AllStars ready for the tour

Rhythmic elegance...with Saturnino!

My first time...on MTV!

My new office...

R'n'R duo @ Radio2

Live @ Villa Ada

On stage...

Thank you Rome!

Duck Face

What a beautiful Licata!

Live @ Vittoria Beach

Last show with Aretuska

New adventure in sight

Mi nueva casa!

First stop with Cirque du Soleil...

...and first 3-hour makeup! :D

Only ever...Rock'n'Roll!

Live @ Barcellona for Roland

Destination: Warsaw!

Colin and his epic T-shirt :D

Another day at the office...

View from the top in Warsaw

Drum Solo in Dusseldorf!

With the great Fernando!

Special guest backstage :)

Am I in heaven?!

Vadrum comic version

The Gallery is in constant update...come back here often!

You can find this and other photos on my socials, mostly on Instagram!

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